Praying at candlesOne of the most neglected, and important, areas of life is our spirituality. On the other hand, spirituality and religion can be a very dominant aspect of life, demanding extreme levels of commitment. In between these apparent extremes, there is a myriad of confusion, guilt, shame and many other feelings, that get in the way of our personal understanding and spiritual development.

In our confusion, we often look to external sources for answers, and there is always a religion or three willing to provide them. But does all that information, dogma, commitment and ritual truly resonate with you?

Or are you blindly following a path laid out for you by others, rather than doing the inner work needed, to find your own answers to those burning questions inside you?

For many, born into a particular family and religious culture, these questions have been answered for them long ago. For some others though, the answers they’re looking for continue to elude them.

Sometimes, going through a process like this can be very difficult. It isn’t easy to look inward and I won’t pretend that there exists an easy road if you go down this path. Often, a wider support network, such as a counselling service is needed to help this process, and I will always refer to another professional service when needed. For some, in fact, it can be particularly difficult, if for example trying to exit a cult or dealing with family who are still in a religion they wish to leave.

In a world where everybody and its dog is trying to tell us what to think and believe, it’s no wonder we end up confused, not knowing where to turn.

There are those who don’t come from a strict religious upbringing and while they are curious, they don’t know where to look. There are also those who do come from a strict religious upbringing, but feel disillusioned with the teachings and want to free themselves but don’t know-how.

Spiritual life coaching isn’t about telling you what to think or believe. It’s about working with you, helping to free you emotionally and spiritually, so you can make up your own mind. It’s about being a support network and a sounding board. It’s about being a friend who listens and never judges.

And of course, it’s about sharing the techniques and methods that help bring you into alignment with who you truly are.

There are many methods available to help bring you closer to yourself, including journaling, affirmations, meditation techniques, self-hypnosis, visualisations, intention setting, goal setting, identity and life scripts, shadow work and more. There are basic guides to some of these available for you to check out on this website, along with other related articles of interest.

For further guidance or to order a tarot guidance reading for yourself, please visit here.

I hope the information on this website helps you.

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