My earliest memory is of having a purpose. Of saying I’ve tried before and failed, but not this time. How many of you have an earliest memory, not after birth, but even before? It’s like a feeling that there’s a purpose to your life that you decided even before you were born, but it took you all your life to realise what it is, or perhaps you still don’t know?

I’ve always felt that I came into this world with a purpose. I didn’t know what it was. Or who it was meant to benefit. Romantic notions of how I may have been born just to help others or the world has sprung to mind from time to time during moments of idleness and contemplation. As a child, I always pictured myself as one of the heroes in the comic books, saving the world in just the nick of time, and of course, landing the obligatory damsel in distress as just prize.

Unfortunately, life isn’t a comic book, but I’ll tell you this. That feeling that my life has a purpose has never left me. It’s only now that I realise what that purpose is, and has been all along. I didn’t come into this world to save it. I came into it to save myself. That said, just maybe by sharing a little, I may have come into the world to help more than just myself.