Aleister Crowley's The Thoth Tarot

Aleister Crowley’s The Thoth Tarot

I find myself sitting here and thinking about this question in a context perhaps different from the norm. At first, tempted to delve into the history of Tarot and its varied symbolism, I find myself more interested in its contemporary practical purpose. I find myself more interested in the use that Tarot is put to today. For those interested in more about the history of Tarot, the world is littered with books on the subject.

For me, Tarot is a medium by which information is channelled. To this extent, Tarot has a similar purpose to many other mediums including Runes, Crystals, Pendulums and many more. To put it a little more precisely, Tarot (and any other tool similarly used) is a tool. Tarot is not the messenger, just the tool through which the message is offered. The Tarot reader is the channel and the Tarot, how a message or information is channelled.

In this respect, almost anything can serve to channel information, if you are open to the message. Every time I do a reading, I see something new in the cards. Each card has a basic “book meaning” but is full of so much symbolism that the meaning can change in subtle or unsubtle ways with every new question. In the same way, everything around you, every sound, symbol or word heard or seen can be used as a divining tool. The symbolism within Tarot provides a reflection of life, times and people. Look around you and you will see the same.

Tarot is a school blackboard. The Tarot reader is the student. The teacher represents the source of the lesson (information being offered). It’s very important to realise at this point that the Querant (person asking the question) is accepting information from the student in this context, instead of making direct contact with the teacher themselves. The student (Tarot reader) is as vulnerable as every other human on the planet and working through their own learning curves, just like you.

So, who is the teacher? I hear you ask. I can only offer my own take on this based on my experience as a student. Think of it like a chain of supply, with the querant at one end, Source at the other and a few “middle folks” in between. Here’s how I see it:

Querant – Reader – Higher Selves (of both) – Passed loved ones – Spirit Guide (s) / Angel (s) – Source, then reverse route back to Querant.

In other words, as we are all One, all answers ultimately come from Source itself. However, as I hope you can see, there are a myriad of “filter mechanisms” through which all answers travel on their way back to the querant. The answer received, therefore, can never be complete and perfect. Instead, we get hints, suggestions, guidance. We don’t get lots of specifics or perfect answers.

Free Will also plays a very important part in this. We have all been born with Free Will. In Universal Law, to infringe upon the Free Will of another is to invite Karma. Because of this, information received and imparted to a querant must respect the Free Will of all.

I hope you’ve found this article interesting. If you have, watch this space for more. In Part 2, I’m going to talk a little more about Tarot and its use in today’s world.

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