Have you ever wanted to do something, then talked yourself out of it because you believed you didn’t have the needed resources to make it happen? Whether this meant not enough time, money, qualifications, support, knowledge, or experience. However, it’s unlikely that a lack of resources will be an issue if you’re truly committed! Don’t let a lack of current resources put you off working towards achieving your dreams.

You can get started on almost anything, even without any resources. Over time, you can find the resources that you need. Even the largest businesses had humble beginnings. For example, Jeff Bezos started Amazon as an online bookstore – working from home out of his garage!

Imagine the power of believing that you have unlimited resources!

1. What dreams would you work towards realising if you had unlimited resources?

Take a few minutes to think about how you would live your life if you had everything you needed and could do anything you wanted. Would you go back to studying? Start your own business? Find ways to help others? Go on a space flight? It’s easy to see that your options are unlimited. Think big. Think really BIG!

  • This is a brilliant way to find your life’s purpose! If all obstacles were removed, what would you choose to do with your life?

2. Who would you have in your life? Would you be alone, or would you be with a partner? How many friends would you have? What would your friends be like? What would your neighbours be like? Would you have children? How many? Do you dream of owning your own business? What are your employees like? What would your typical client be like?

3. Where would you live? Would you stay put or move to the beach? How many homes would you have? What colour would your living room be? Think about the location and the actual house. Or perhaps a castle? There are hundreds of castles for sale. Of course, you’ll need a butler, though.

4. What would your typical day be like? What time would you get up in the morning? What would you do first? How would you spend your day? What would you do in the evenings? How much free time would you have and how would you spend it? Who would you spend your time with? Would you have a garden party every Thursday? Would you visit retreats at the weekend?

5. Now that you know what you should be doing, what can you do to make it happen?

Not many of us have abundant resources, but there is always a first step that can be taken.

  • The first step might mean looking at the college courses available in your area or finding a better job. Perhaps it is time to take those guitar lessons you thought you would never manage. There is still time to be a rock star!
  • As you move forward, your knowledge and experience will grow. And so will your resources. Warren Buffett started with a paper route. Now he is listed as one of the world’s richest. Think about this. You can definitely get a better start than a paper route, and your dreams are probably smaller.

6. Imagining you have unlimited resources can also be used to find solutions to life’s challenges. By imagining you have unlimited resources, you open your mind to all the different possible solutions you may not have thought of. You might find a solution that needs more resources to work. Give yourself a chance to make it happen.

Those with abundant resources still struggle at times, so having resources is not a guarantee. Remember that many of the most successful people in the world started at the very bottom with truly little. Avoid believing that abundant resources are a cure for struggles you experience.

Like most people, you probably don’t have unlimited resources. But, pretending that you have unlimited resources helps to find your life’s purpose, your dream life, and helps create new solutions. Pretending you have abundant resources can open up new possibilities that you may have never previously imagined.

It’s time to stop limiting yourself! What Dreams Could You Realise if you had Unlimited Resources?