The world is in turmoil and threatens us all with feelings of self-interest, self-preservation and arbitrary ideologies predominant in the hearts and minds of people. Man against man. Destroyed trust in the established way of things has resulted in backtrack to ancient times when empires fell. Do we really want our legacy half interpreted by future archaeologists who have to pick at a few bones found buried to know a little of who we were and how we lived?

As extreme as that may sound, it can’t surely be ignored that we live in volatile times in this world. Troubles and challenges abound around the globe and at home. The very populist culture which has rebelled against the establishment because the ordinary people just wanted a decent life and the truth from politicians, has now backfired and resulted in xenophobia and paranoia. The cost of all this? In the short-medium term probably ‘just’ economic. In the long term?

Closed borders.  Alienation of other cultures even more so than is already there. Political splintering and factional infighting. Mistrust of minorities.Back to a time of conflict and war.
Well done Brexit. You did yourselves proud!