One of the hardest things for any human being to accept is another human being’s point of view. Opinions and perspectives, trials and experiences, all these things differ from one person to the next.

What part of the world were you born in, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, politics? Were you born into poverty or riches, somewhere in between, whatever your perspective is of that? Are you part of a class system, where are you within it? All these questions according to you, and those around you, your family, friends, those you know, those you don’t know?

You I everyone, we live in our own bubble, not knowing, appreciating, understanding what it’s like to live in anyone else’s bubble. I have my bubble and you have yours. I like my bubble, I’m happy in it, why would I think any different than I do? I can only be who I am.

And so can everyone else. So we all have an opinion, and we are all right? Here’s the slight problem. We can’t all be, can we? So that means I must be right, and you have to be wrong. And that’s just how it is. This is why it’s so hard to accept another human being’s point of view.

So, where does it end? Just look at the world around you. Not content though, living in a bubble all by ourselves. It’s so lonely, after all. So we find others whose bubble looks similar to our own. We find commonality and agreements which reinforce our mindset. We create a new bigger bubble we can all fit into and feel like as we all have a collective opinion, we must be right. Anyone not in our bubble is wrong.

This world right now is full of bubbles. We all have our own individual bubble we live in. And we have those bigger bubbles we share with others of a like mind. Then there are just a few massive bubbles, wherein lies huge chunks of the world’s population. There are religious bubbles, political bubbles, poverty bubbles, cultural bubbles, wealth and privilege bubbles. And within each one, no-one is wrong. And outside each one, no-one is right.

What happens when the bubbles burst?

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