In this post, I am offering a bit of tough love, for those it may help. There are some things you may not want to hear. That is okay. You will be much better off for knowing them, once you dry your eyes. Not understanding these truths makes life seem all very confusing.

We wonder why people so often do not meet our expectations of them, meaning we are perpetually dissatisfied with others and with life generally. As you are about to see, that adage the truth will set you free is as much about acceptance as it is about understanding.

Accept & Understand these truths to help you understand your life:

  1. Most people only care about what’s in it for them. Most of the world does not care if you are nice to puppies and remember your anniversary. Do you know what society is made up of? It is a bunch of people that need things such as money, food, clothing, self-esteem, comfort, entertainment, and personal fulfilment.


    • If you cannot provide any of the many needs that people want to have fulfilled, you’re not going to get all the respect and recognition you want.
    • You must develop the skills, products, or services that satisfy the needs of people in society. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself being ignored.


  1. The universe is not for or against you. Many people are under the illusion that the universe is either on their side or working against them. The earth is but a speck of dust among billions of other specks.


    • You are one organism among several million species of organisms. It’s estimated there are over 20 million species of microorganisms that live in water. There are 50 birds for every person on the planet.
    • Even if, like me, you are a spiritual person, the universe is neither on your side nor against you. This is because of your free will being respected. That can be good or bad news, depending on your perspective. You are always personally responsible for your own results.


  1. Your friends and family won’t always be there for you. You had best be able to cook, clean, make money, brush your teeth, and pay your bills on time. Your friends and family won’t always be available to bail you out when you need something. You will have to find your own way, in your own life.


  1. You cannot control or change other people. This may be the hardest lesson to learn, especially where romantic relationships are concerned. You find someone that comes close to what you are looking for, except for a few little areas you want to change. You are certain you can turn them into something you can live with. In most cases, you will be wrong.


    • People naturally resist being controlled or changed by others. Think about how hard it is to change yourself even when you want to change. You want to eat better, lose weight, exercise every day, and save more money. But 99% of the time you cannot make those changes.
    • Now, imagine how hard it would be to change someone that does not want to change. Now consider that they are feeling resentful and are resisting all your efforts. You have no chance.
    • Accept people for who they are. If someone is not what you are looking for, they will only change by their own will, not by yours. Either change your expectations or expect to be disappointed. Or, let them go!


  1. Failure is normal. Failure is par for the course. Expect to experience many failures before achieving good results. The only way to avoid failure is to never try. To never try is the perfect way to ensure that you never succeed.


    • Learn to deal with failure effectively. It’s nothing more than an undesirable result and there’s no reason to take it personally. Change your approach and try again.


You now know the truth about the world. Fortunately, that puts you in the driver’s seat. When you accept and understand these truths, you are fully empowered to take full responsibility for your life, put your own best foot forward and ultimately succeed.

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