Myths, legends, folklore, superstitious nonsense! Such and words like them as used by sceptics worldwide in the name of logic, reason, and objectivity…

While browsing online recently, I thought it would be fun to play with the Google world map. Had myself a time I did. I zoomed into the street where I live. Good recent satellite image it was, complete with passing buses and other traffic, the buildings, and lots of little people scurrying around engaging as it were, in the humdrum or otherwise, of their daily lives.

Having entertained myself sufficiently, zooming in and out on the building where I live, then the place where I work, then the place of my birth, I thought I would glance around the world a little.

Along my travels I erm, happened across a particular stretch of land commonly known as Area 51. Some hangars and other buildings, and some aircraft not apparently of alien origin. Not much else to see there, it would seem. If top-secret activity does go on at this site, Google will be censored I should imagine. Certainly, you can’t zoom in too far without getting the message “We are sorry, but we don’t have imagery at this zoom level for this region.” Far be it for me to suggest national governments shouldn’t have their little secrets!

Whether or not Area 51 is home to captured craft of alien origin, including the one which reportedly crashed near Roswell in 1947, it seems at least that the modern UFO phenomena has its roots in the Roswell story. The coined phrase “flying saucer” began at that time. The American Air force began by announcing, but then changed their minds and continued by denying, the alleged alien origin of the crashed craft. What started off as a “flying saucer” quickly became a “weather balloon.”

Since then a myriad of stories including alleged abductions, UFO sightings, animal mutilations, crop circles and more, have served to excite, entertain, dazzle, confuse and divide.

For me, there is no doubt, UFO’s are real, and they’re here! The reason I say this is because I’m willing to listen to people, look at the evidence, and accept what I am being told and shown as being a real experience for the individual concerned. Whether the sighting turns out to be a trick of light, a weather balloon, the star Sirius, a hallucination, or the advance guard of an alien fleet…