A famous and nostalgic Frankie Goes To Hollywood song, Two Tribes told the story of the cold war with a caricature video representation of two world leaders fighting it out in the ring.

The climactic finale a nuclear explosion across the globe with the two leaders in its midst and properly at each other’s throats. Happily enough, the cold war didn’t turn into the real thing it threatened to become, and we were all eventually able to give a sigh of relief that we were safe from annihilation.

Or are we?

We’re not happy unless we’re invading somewhere, toppling some regime or another, or generally trying to be the worlds policemen, as if we had the moral high ground, though history proves we don’t…

How first world governments decide who merits the attention of their respective armed forces has nothing at all to do with oil or political advantage, does it?

We always seem to need to have another war to fight!

I recommend watching the video for your entertainment as its really good, and for your education as it just may be as relevant today in different circumstances perhaps, as it was in 1983…