If someone had told me thirty years ago that someday, I would find out that everything I think I know is wrong, I would have laughed and said, yea sure thing, but I doubt it. And by the way, I now think that it is quite probable that most of the things we think we know, that we take for granted as true are probably, at least to some degree, false.

This is the case, whether we are talking about spirituality, religion, politics, pandemics, war, or any of the many affiliations possible for these things, or almost anything else that you or I could think of. The fact is, everything we think we know is true, is a subjective interpretation or perspective of a set of alleged facts, that are fed to us according to the narratives of those who have the most access to influence us.

A bit wordy I know but bear with me.

The truth is lost within the many influences that we are subjected to every day of our lives. Those we think we should be able to trust the most represent just another version of truth among many, with their own narratives that they want to project. And probably not with reasons that are intended to be for our benefit. Who to believe? What to think? How to feel?

Finding the truth in amongst all the fiction is made so much harder when you come to realise that so much of that fiction I am talking about, is deliberately fed to mislead. A little sprinkling of truth that seems to sound right at face value has us believing the lies that are fed along with it.

Using discernment and critical thinking feels like a lifelong task, and it is.

In our quest to tell truth from fiction, it benefits us not to assume something is true automatically because it is offered by what is often cited as a trusted source. Such sources can be the most misleading, as they use their position of influence to feed you a narrative rather than truth. Discernment is at its strongest when sources are checked, and everything cited as fact is double checked.

Critical thinking is not just important but essential to our survival in these times.

That of course also goes for anything you read from alternative sources, sometimes called alternative media and this includes anything presented by my amiable self in this or any other place I may contribute my content.

In these difficult times in particular, this is not a time to take at face value anything that you read, see or hear, from whatever the source. And that also goes for mainstream news channels, who are there to promote the establishment agenda in whatever country they are in, as the true meaning of journalism was lost long ago.

We are of course, supposed to assume that this establishment agenda I am talking about, always has our best interests at heart. But just like every other possible source, they also have their narrative that they want to project. Their version of truth.

The real truth has been lost in the motives and machinations of a very few individuals who ultimately carry the most influence in the world. And those individuals, as remote as they are from you or I in as many ways as we could imagine; those are the individuals who carry the most weight with the establishment we are all supposed to rely on.  As remote as they are, it seems to me very unlikely that they have our best interests at heart.

As a starting point, I recommend having a look at some other posts on this website and checking the sources I give for the things I say. Do you agree or disagree with what you read here? Why do you feel that way? Also check any other sources you can find. Do you still feel the same? Critical thinking right now is more important than ever if we are all to come through these difficult times and find for each of us, a better world at the end of it all.

Don’t take anything for granted as true in these times, as most of what we are all being told isn’t.

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