We are for sure, in the midst of very interesting times. And by we, I mean the whole human race as a species, not just one race, creed, nationality, political viewpoint, religion, spirituality or whatever else. I do mean all of us, everywhere on planet Earth, right now. We’re all in this together.

And what we do will, as always, determine the nature of life for many future generations to come. It’s just that this time, our play is for keeps.

media-FEARAnd of course, as we all in our own way strive for answers to all the challenges of the world, we’re continuously bombarded by an endless array of alleged truth, from an endless array of sources. Oh what to believe? Who to listen to? It’s just all too much. Or is it?

The first thing to realise is that everyone, without exception, has an agenda of some sort, including those we decide to support. We hope that their motives are sound and moral but often or mostly, have no real way of knowing. We hope they are right in what they are saying, but we aren’t given all the information we need to know for sure. And all this is supposing that they are who we should be listening to. We don’t know that either. We just think, or hope, that they are.

So, how do we make up our minds? Here’s the thing. We’re all different and what we each look for is different. Even those with similar interests and viewpoints will disagree on something. The trouble is, those with whom we disagree the most for some of us at least, have become the enemy. The world has become polarised, at the time of writing this, at least. Hopefully this will change as more and more people learn to discern information they are fed, whether it comes from sources they normally agree with or otherwise.

Hopefully, those who disagree with each other the most will learn to celebrate those things we all have in common, instead of directing all their energy into division and conflict.

bigmediaWhen you come to the realisation that so much of what we are told is designed to keep us worried, panicked and easily controlled. When you come to realise that the age old tactic of divide and conquer is alive and kicking in almost everything that is broadcast to us in the media. You finally realise that what I used to get told many years ago is still true today.

You just can’t believe a thing you hear on the news.

It isn’t that everything in the news is a lie. It’s more like everything is context managed to fit a narrative. It’s important to remember also that very often, deception is hidden within snippets of truth, so we are led to believe a lie because another part of the story is true. And this is where the answer lies to the problem of what or who to believe.

liberty or tyrannyThe censors are out in force, the information war is in full swing, and the final gameplay of those who seek to control through division is afoot. The cost of losing the game is massive on a planetary scale. We run the risk of ending up living within a worldwide totalitarian regime, a race of dumbed down slave drones, our every move tracked. The freedoms we until recently took for granted will be a thing of the past, taken over instead by a ‘New Normal’ psyop most of us for some reason didn’t see coming. Have you notice how often that phrase is being used in the media?

So, just how do we separate fact from fiction? In order to arrive at the truth, we need to identify the missing parts of a story that hasn’t been told. We need to see where a story has been context managed to fit a narrative and therefore identify the deception. From there, we can finally get to see the true picture of what’s really going on.

Don’t take my word for it. Do a little digging and see for yourself.