Things are and have been difficult for all upon our world for some time and things may not get better as soon as we want it to. How’s that for stating the obvious?

There are no fast solutions to the things that trouble us now. There are no fast solutions to the coronavirus situation and the lockdown measures we are all being subjected to. There are no fast solutions to race issues and issues with racism that currently has the world in turmoil. This has all become very politicized and it has divided many not so much by race, but more by the politics and political influences being brought to bear, by those who seek to influence for their own ends.

Events have been put into motion by those with motives that are not the best for humanity. The politics of all this is divisive and polarising, the intent being to divide and polarise. The motive is age-old and obvious, but it is also obvious that we as a collective human species, do not need to allow these corruptions to affect our lives or the lives of those we love and care about.

We have a choice as to whether we swallow whole without question everything we are fed, or whether we check facts for ourselves and look out for context manipulation, not because of paranoia or cynicism toward the media, but just for a need for truth without the influence of narrative.

Whatever the machinations of political or establishment elites, mainstream media or anyone else, we always have a choice as to how we react ourselves and how we behave toward each other. I personally have been very angry over the past while because of everything that has been going on, as this affects my life and the lives of those I love, just as it affects your life and those you love.

It is especially important at this time to remain patient and let this situation play out, as these things are coming to the surface for good reasons at this time. While it may be the individuals and groups of people who seek to benefit from their political agenda, really this represents an opportunity for all people of the world, to release and forgive the past, at least for those who are willing.

Some may not understand at this time as they are looking at this situation from behind the filter mechanisms that they have grown up with, where still live the roots of the issues that we are now coming to terms with and dealing with, in this very challenging way.

The one thing that is truly clear in all this is that we are in this together. In all this, race does not divide us, only those remote and powerful influences who have their own motives for the machinations that they contrive. But as I said above, we have choices. We can choose to deny those who would divide, their influence and thus their control, over us. All we must do to beat them is, regardless of our political opinions and affiliations, keep on loving and above all, stay friends.

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