It feels like a recurring theme in my life, and in my blog. Maybe, I should have named it Or maybe I’ll start another one and call it that if someone else hasn’t thought of it already.

The enigma of perpetual error I’ve ventured into previously is in many ways a highlight of this my current incarnation on planet Earth. I think now that the reason I witness so much of it in others is that I continue to perpetuate it myself.

What I’ve only recently discovered is that people actually perpetuate error deliberately. And, they fully know that they’re doing it! This, they do for a variety of reasons, all of them very human..

They do it because they’re being stubborn – someone said they shouldn’t. They do it because they’re being lazy – someone said they should. They do it because they lack confidence – no-one said, so they didn’t. They do it because they’re being arrogant – everyone said, so they ignored regardless…

Those same individuals will deny error till they’re blue in the face, absolutely convinced of the rightness of their actions on the outside, as the self-fulfilling prophecy provides all the justification they need. On the inside, they doubt themselves to the point of it further destroying their confidence, the true root of all perpetual error!

The irony is that the weaknesses in humans that result in perpetual error could so easily be turned around, to become new confidence, new strength. They just need to be willing to take a little step outside themselves, to see what other’s see.

My definition of experience is that it represents the sum total of learning gained from every mistake made in your life. Making mistakes is an essential part of all our lives. These are our learning opportunities, providing us with the means to grow into the strong individuals we will ultimately become.

The whole point is to learn, not to perpetuate. This is the wisdom of the ages. Strength comes from learning how to deal with error. Confidence comes from breaking the cycle and turning failure into success.