I spent most of my life up until perhaps 18 or so years ago, mostly disinterested in the pursuit of personal development.

Although I had a tendency towards promotion professionally, I would like to say that my personal life left some moral acuity to be desired. A sweet unassuming individual I never was.

I can remember wondering on a semi-regular basis, why it was however that my success professionally never reached (or came close) that I thought my abilities should merit. My working life while relatively successful, was up and down like a yo-yo, always stunted, before tackling a new industry, a new employer.

My initial successes professionally were achieved the old fashioned way, by working hard and earning advancement. Although I left school with nothing at 16, I was a manager by the time I was 21. I did eventually resume an interest in education when in my late twenties, and my interest in personal development began around that time also, although I still procrastinate in doing anything about it for a few more years.

I did get around to it eventually however, as my interest in reading began to slant towards, and then becoming dominated by personal development and motivational topics.

This interest has continued since and is the single most important reason I now find myself writing this blog.

I have all too much hindsight that procrastination is the true evil that will stunt your success in both personal and business affairs.

And, I have far too much hindsight that any lack of moral acuity personally will spill over professionally one way or another, and stunt your growth.

The clear message from this is obvious. There is a direct relationship between the amount of personal integrity you have and the amount of success you can achieve in every area of your life.

Procrastination is nothing but a string of excuses not to act. Instead, give yourself reasons to act now. Then act!