We’re going to talk about what we all need to know about dealing with the effects of the coronavirus crisis on all of our lives.
fear and apprehensionThe thing I want to talk about is most important. It’s the increasing level of fear and apprehension that many, perhaps all of us are experiencing at this time due to the outbreak. As an intuitive empath, I’m overwhelmed with it because it isn’t only my fear I’m dealing with. I’m honestly struggling at times to tell the difference between what I’m feeling that’s my own and what is everyone else’s. It really feels like there’s an energy associated with this within the collective consciousness. It’s obvious that we’re all affected by this and we need to work together, help each other to work to dissolve this over-riding fear and apprehension that’s building up within us all.people panic buyWe see it in the supermarkets every day, with empty shelves as people panic buy, not thinking about the vulnerable who, because of this, can’t get the essential supplies they desperately need. We see it in the media, feeding us all constant unending updates on the number of people infected, the deaths and the newest government controls coming into place to fight the spread of the disease.It’s important to understand that fear, while it’s a completely understandable reaction especially at a time like this, doesn’t serve any one of us. In fact, fear, as I mentioned a moment ago, results in negative reactions, rather than in positive responses. To get through this, we all need to find those positive responses that will help to tip the tide within the collective consciousness and dissolve the fear.

helping each other as much as we can

The thing is, this is something we can all do, even while isolating. We can use the time we have productively. We can ensure we keep ourselves, our loved ones and our neighbors safe by following the latest official advice and by helping each other as much as we can. We can pay attention to the latest information from trusted sources designed to help us, while also not getting ourselves feeling down by watching the news all day. We can decide to buy only what we need to tide us over any self-isolation we may need to go through, without panic buying, which results in shortages for others who are after all, concerned about their loved ones, just as much as you and I are concerned about ours.

While at home, we can keep ourselves occupied with things that interest us and do the things that we can do, to keep our lives as normal as possible in the circumstances. We can keep in contact with those we care about while respecting social distancing. We have phones and social media that we can use to interact with others.

employ the practices of mindfulness and meditationTo help with our mental health during this time, we can also employ the practices of mindfulness and meditation, which will help to keep us centered and grounded, and in the present moment. Because when we are in the present moment, we’re neither thinking about the past, or worrying about the future. When we employ practices that help us to spend time experiencing the present moment, we gain a much-needed clarity, calm and balanced perspective that allows us to make good decisions for ourselves and our loved ones and for our wider communities.

To help with our physical health during this time, we can look after our diet and take regular physical exercise. And in addition to any medical advice, we can consider complementary supplements such as herbal anti virals and immune boosters. Of course, the medical profession poo poos these but then, they would, wouldn’t they? The pharmaceutical industry gains nothing if people are using holistic and alternative therapies.  Some herbal remedies do react with pharmaceuticals and you should check this first, especially if you’re on any prescribed medicines. If in doubt, you should check with your doctor first.

herbal anti viralsSome well-known examples of anti virals and immune boosters include echinacea, licorice root, ginseng, garlic and elderberry. There are many more and I would advise you to just let your fingers do the web searching and get what feels right to you once you’ve fact checked and looked at the reviews on the products that are out there.

The virus is obviously a very serious matter, to say the least, and many will be lost to it. It’s also true though, that many more, the majority in fact, will survive this pandemic. We should all spare a little time to think about the kind of world we want to live in once this is all over. It’s important to know that it will be difficult, but also to know that this crisis will pass.

How we respond to this crisis now will have a major and long-lasting effect on the kind of world we all will live in once this crisis is over. In the meantime, many changes are happening as we are asked to accept many limitations on our lives while this crisis is ongoing. Those in power are making many changes now because they say these changes are needed in order to battle the coronavirus.

those in power who do not always present themselves with the most loving motives.After this crisis is over, it will be important to restore our freedoms and ensure that our governments don’t use this opportunity to introduce permanent changes that adversely affect our civil liberties. We need to look out for those in power who do not always present themselves with the most loving motives.

While we must deal with this crisis as our top priority, it’s also important to keep an eye on what else is going on while we’re all distracted. It’s in times of crisis like this, that our governments typically slip through unpopular or otherwise immoral legislation and take other actions that aren’t in our best interests or in the best interests of the wider world.

pay particular attention to any anti-privacy legislationI would pay particular attention to any anti-privacy legislation or any legislation that affects freedom of speech or other basic liberties. I would also pay attention to where our armed forces are being sent in our name while all this is going on. None of these things will feature significantly on mainstream media while they’re distracted reporting on the coronavirus. However, these are the very things that will affect all of our lives the most, once the coronavirus crisis has abated.

We live in a time of great change and upheaval in the world. Our love and faith in each other and our love for each other will prevail.What we most need to do is to keep going with our lives and help one another in every way we can. We need to remember that it is within ourselves that the true power lies in this world. We are the collective consciousness. We can show those who wield our power on our behalf, in whatever manner that they do that, that we are not ruled by fear. Our love and faith in each other and our love for each other will prevail.

Fear is a much bigger threat to the world right now than covid19 could ever be. So, meditate, employ mindfulness or whatever techniques you feel most comfortable with and allow the fear to dissolve. Then, you will experience the clarity you need to make the best decisions for you and those you care about. We’re all in this together and together is how we’ll get through it.

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