Sitting here on my bed, watching out for that damn housefly. Been bugging me the past day, it has. How come you always get the noisy ones at night?

Sleep begins to beckon, then work tomorrow but first there’s me, the fly, and my notepad. Nearly got it there! Damn thing got away again. Strange, how they keep getting in close to you. You try to swat them, they get away, then get in close again. Do they have a death wish? Do they know no fear? Or, are they after all, just stupid flies, who don’t know any better?

Risking disaster is something we humans are quite good at also, and often under remarkably similar circumstances as my current companion. We get into situations eminently suited to revealing the worst in us. We come close to allowing ourselves to be destroyed by it, just managing to survive the experience. Then, just when we think it’s all over, straight back into the fire we jump.

Recent world events revolving around Russia and Putin could conceivably lead to a second cold war, or worse. No party involved is innocent, unlike my fly, who acts only on simple instinct.

Perhaps that is our problem. Despite our intelligence and reasoning capabilities, just like the fly, we react still, to situations with the same simple instincts that drove us to the brink the last time.

If my companion is just a stupid fly, at least he has that as an excuse. That said, it’s now just as dead as it would be, if it didn’t!