I can’t remember the last time so many changes happened at once in my life. Everything from leaving a job, starting a part-time business, moving house, health issues and family matters have taken their turn in shaking things up for me this past six months or so. It feels like I should grow a few extra limbs to accommodate the many different directions I’ve felt pulled in.

Change happens to us all. Sometimes it comes as a slow process, creeping up on us like one minute you’re celebrating your 21st birthday, the next your 31st, then your 41st and so on. It’s impossible to remember all the things that happen in between birthdays. Then you find yourself wondering where the time went. Wait a minute, didn’t I just say this is a slow process?

Change can also hit us very quickly, like a sudden thunderstorm, especially in Scotland where you can experience all four seasons in a day. One minute you’re sunbathing, the next you’re running for cover when the hailstones hit. It’s weird that it never seems to happen the other way around.

Change happens. It happens regardless of our resistance to it. It happens whether we want it to or not.

The control we do have in situations of change however, is how we manage it. Do we fight in fruitless resistance of the inevitable, or do we embrace the challenge change brings us? Or to put it another way, do we deny and resist change before eventual and inevitable capitulation? Or do we accept the need for change, for what it is and as it happens?

I think the implications are obvious to see here. Do the former and relinquish all control of the process. Do the latter and influence change as it happens. One way or the other, we reap what we sow.

Denial of change doesn’t make change go away. As we try to deny it’s influence, we lose all influence over it.

Embracing change doesn’t mean we agree with the event that produces it. What it does mean is that we would rather be at the helm of change, managing the process and accepting responsibility for its effect on our lives.

Just as the Death card in tarot also represents rebirth, change whether good or otherwise always represents an opportunity for growth. It’s this growth that brings with it the life experiences from where our wisdom and our ability to manage future change expands.

Change is as inevitable as the cycle of life. It is that very stuff of life from where we discover ourselves and our place in the world. However many directions I may have felt pulled in during the past few months, I’m here to say that I’ve come to realise that my life is becoming more interesting, fulfilling and ultimately richer for the experience.

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