Surviving for as long as you can is something all ‘life’ naturally strives for, whether human or any other form. But you can miss out on a lot that life has to offer if you spend an unhealthy amount of time worrying about death.

We are all a part of the natural cycle of life and death. This is one of the few objective truths that no-one can deny or escape. What is important is how you live and whether you live your best life while you are here.

Here are some tips, to help reduce your fear of death and live your best life:

1. Accept that all living things die. Nothing is more natural than the cycle of life and death. It’s all part of a natural process that allows the birth of new life to thrive in our world.

  • Imagine how crowded it would get if we all lived for hundreds of years. There is a natural balance, that the natural world tries to maintain. Our wonderful planet is a finite resource, that can only sustain so many humans and other life. The cycle of life and death is an essential part of the future success of all life, including humanity.


2. Explore your spirituality. Some argue that all religions came about as a way to ease the natural fear of death. Perhaps, spirituality develops because of a natural human curiosity about the meaning of life and why we are here, including what happens when we die.

  • Why not take a deeper look at topics within spirituality that you feel may hold meaning for you? There is a lot to choose from, and you are likely to find something that resonates with who you are and how you feel. Use your discernment, critical thinking skills and your intuition to help you decide what feels right for you.


3. Decide to enjoy your life. Set an intention to get the most that you can out of your life, starting now. Focus on the joys of life and the fulfilment of your dreams. Live in the present moment. Mindfulness will help you to reduce the time you spend worrying about death.

4. Prepare for when it happens. Your worry may be rooted in the impact your passing will have on the loved ones you leave behind. Get your affairs in order and deal with the cause of your worry, as much as you can.

5. Have and feel Gratitude. When you focus on death, you focus on loss. Focus on the good things and people that you have in your life. Find reasons to feel good and be in gratitude for what you have. Develop the habit of feeling good.

6. Make plans that excite you. Give yourself positive things to look forward to. Instead of worry, make plans or set goals that inspire you.

  • Do something you have never done before. Take a class or join a sports team. There is nothing like novelty, to show you that there are still plenty of great things left to experience. Give yourself a reason to be excited about life. Experiment a little.
  • Begin today and create a list of everything you want to see and do.


7. Spend time with your friends and loved ones. When you are feeling anxious, spend time with those that comfort you. Share your worry with those you trust and listen to their opinions. Talking with older people can be especially enlightening.

It’s natural to think about your mortality. But spending too much time worrying about the inevitable, while understandable, is time wasted. Think about the cause of your feelings of fear and find positive ways to address this worry. Everyone dies, but everyone is also living. Seize the day and make the most of your time here. Your fear of death will wane, as you focus on life.

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