What a random day. Yesterday I set myself a fixed rota to get organised for everything I think I should be doing. Today on it’s first day, I’ve done little of what I had so carefully planned. Such is life.

So I’m trying to get some course work done. I’m doing some online courses for further professional development. I’m trying to keep all my websites up to date. There are six. Of each that is. Six courses. Six websites. What was I thinking?

It’s great fun though. I love doing it. And there were seven courses till today. Yup, I passed one, so obviously had to blow about it all over social media, post pics of my diploma etc. How does that take all day?

It shouldn’t, but I managed anyway. Somehow I let this little success of mine get in the way of anything else productive. I’m just going to say that sometimes we’re all entitled to a day of self image boosting. In fact. I think we can all use more of it. 

Oh and by the way, writing a post for this blog is one of the things on today’s list, so go me. I got something done. Just in case you’re curious, here’s a pic of my diploma. Now time to get on with getting back to that new rota of mine. See you round the block.