The universe is all about polar opposites.  Black or white. Male or female. Good or evil.

Concepts of right and wrong pervade in the human consciousness and everything has to be judged as one or the other. Which spectrum a particular event, thing or deed happens to fall depends as much or more perhaps on perception as it does on whatever good or ill comes of it.

The idea that the ends justify the means has railroaded the world to the brink, as competing ideologies each with their own self righteous agendas trumpet on their respective soapbox to stir up the masses. But what is it really all about? What’s behind it all?

Let me ask a better question. When did you last read an article in any newspaper and take for granted the genuine truth of every word, with no political slant, no hidden agenda and no shareholder influence? When did you last truly believe everything a politician said? When did you last believe the utterances of a religious leader not of your own faith?

I imagine mixed responses to the above questions but with a definite leaning towards what amounts to an almost complete erosion of trust. We believe what we are told by those who represent our particular bias on the world stage, be it political, religious, philosophical or whatever. We subscribe to it, follow it almost without question, campaign for it. Some commit atrocities in the name of it.

We’re so caught up with our own culture concerns, motives and mainstream influences that we fail to consider fully just how diverse humanity is. The old adage “charity begins at home” dominates in the minds of many as less developed parts of the world are left to the mercy of an elite who plunder in the name of national security. Is it any wonder there is so much unrest in the world?

So much self serving political corruption is bound to take its toll eventually as people’s opinions become even more polarised and rejection of established systems rock the world.

The UK Brexit vote is one example, as is Trump’s presidential victory in the US. Whatever side of the fence you happen to be on, we all have to find a way to deal with our circumstances and move forward with positivity. Anything less will keep us on the brink.

Mainstream media wherever you are has its own agenda and reports what it wants you to believe, which isn’t necessarily truth. Discernment at this time is needed more than ever. Another old adage “don’t believe what you read in the papers” has never been more true. I urge you to look for sources other than mainstream to ensure you have as many sources of information as possible. Then use discernment as you make up your mind.

Then feel your way.