Imagine if you could improve how you feel and your ability to focus on improving your life without even trying hard. Changing the way that you ask yourself questions (something we all do constantly, every day) can be one of the most life-changing things you have ever done. 

Think about all the times you ask yourself questions. ‘What will I have for lunch?’ ‘Will I go to the gym today?’ ‘Will I go out for drinks tonight?’ Whatever you were doing before you had that thought, your focused suddenly changed. How you answer the question will also change how you feel, every time! More: Put Worry to Rest and Live your Best Life

How you word the question will impact how you answer. So, asking yourself ‘What can I have for lunch that is healthy and good for me?’ will motivate more positive answers and a healthier diet.

Change your focus and change your life, by asking yourself the right kind of questions, to achieve more positive outcomes:

  1. Questions can help you to improve your diet and fitness. We just looked at a good example of this above. Asking yourself questions like this can influence your food choices. You can also motivate yourself to take healthy exercise.


  • “Will eating this food choice do damage to my body?”
  • “How will this food affect my health and weight?”
  • “How will I feel an hour after eating this food?”
  • “How will exercise benefit me in the long-term?”
  • “What kind of exercise would I enjoy the most?”


  1. Questions can help you with how you feel. When you self-deprecate by asking yourself negatively oriented questions, this makes you feel worse about yourself and your life in the world. The negative sounding answers you might come up with to a poorly worded question can leave you feeling unhappy, frustrated or vulnerable. By asking the right kind of questions, you can feel uplifted and more positive about yourself, others, and your life.


  • “What dream holiday would I love to go on?”
  • “Who do I know who loves me, and who do I love?”
  • “What things are going right in my life?”
  • “What hobby or interest would I love to take up today?”
  • “What can I do today that would bring joy for myself and those I love?”


  1. Questions can help you with your life goals. Your time is precious! Asking the wrong questions can lead to procrastination and you wasting too much of your precious time. Asking the right questions can help you to make your dreams come true. More advice on Goal Setting.


  • “What are my three most important life goals?”
  • “How can I make the most effective use of my time today and advance toward my goals?”
  • “What is the best plan I can make to achieve my goals?”
  • “How do I waste too much of my precious time when I should be working?”
  • “What five most important things must I do to succeed?”


  1. Questions can help you with your relationships. Relationships are dynamic and ever-changing. It is important to pay attention to your relationships and how they change over time. Asking yourself the right questions can help your personal and professional relationships. With a little effort, your relationships will get stronger and more fulfilling.

couple holding hands - forgiveness

  • “What things can I do to make my friend/partner happy?”
  • “What condition is my relationship in? How can I improve this relationship?”
  • “What does my friend/partner need from me right now?”
  • “How can I respond more positively to those I disagree with?”
  • “How can I be of more help to my coworkers?”
  • “What can I do to improve my listening skills?”


  1. Questions can help you manage your life. You will get much more done when you ask the right questions. More: Change Your Life By Changing Your Thoughts


  • “What cleaning jobs are overdue in my home?”
  • “What can I do in the next hour to organize my life?”
  • “How should I prioritize my to-do list?”
  • “How good will I feel after finishing that paperwork I’ve been putting off?”


  1. Questions can help you manage your money. Ask yourself questions about your finances that prompt positive answers and actions that benefit you. More: Reclaim your Personal Freedom Today


  • “If I make this purchase, how will my finances be impacted?”
  • “Should I invest with a long-term or short-term focus to meet my financial needs?”
  • “How can I organize an amazing Saturday night on a budget of £30?”
  • “How much money will I have if I save £10 each week for the next 10 years?”


You will be amazed at how much it helps to ask yourself the right questions. So, whenever you feel down, unhappy, or unmotivated, or if you are thinking about hitting the pub or the casino instead of the gym, asking yourself the right questions will keep you on the right track.

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