The world we live in is in constant turmoil. Wars rage, as world politics threatens us with much more than just arguments over our differing political opinions. Famine, disease and poverty are rife in the world. The divide between those who have the most materially against those who have the least continues to grow at an alarming rate. Our over use and lack of respect for the natural resources provided to us by our planet threatens to destroy our environment. One by one, stories that for years were debunked with ridicule as just unrealistic conspiracy theory are coming to light as being much more credible, as the political elite reveal themselves to be far from the respectable citizens of the world they claim to be. Everything points to an inevitable downward spiral for humanity as we threaten to destroy both ourselves and our planet.  So is all lost to us then? Are we doomed?

We certainly could be if we continue on the current spiral. The political situation between the US and their allies, and Russia and their allies, in particular should have us all concerned. This time, it is by no means cut and dried that we are the ‘good guys’ and they are the ‘bad guys’. Both sides have plenty of blood on their hands and are locked in a childish ‘it’s all your fault’ approach which threatens us all with nothing less than a new world war. World War 3 if it happened, would be a quick and devastating event. In the meantime, we all carry on scurrying about our daily lives as if nothing bad will happen. After all, Syria is so far away from here. It doesn’t affect us, does it? The conflict in Syria is a surrogate conflict between the US and Russia, that could engulf us all if we let it happen.

So that’s pretty much an accurate if negative picture of our world today. So what about the positive? Things don’t have to be that bad, do they? Well, no they don’t in my opinion, but it won’t fix if we all keep carrying on as if nothing is happening. I’ts time for the citizens of the world to stand up and be counted!

It doesn’t matter which country you happen to be living in. You probably want the same things as the ordinary people living in any other country. To live a peaceful life with your family, in safety and security. To have enough to eat and a roof over your head. To not have these world problems weighing you down and threatening that peace.

I have always believed that the way to gain a more balanced perspective on any topic is to learn as much from the perspective of those you disagree with, as with those whom you do agree with. Understanding your own perspective leads to an opinion. Understanding other people’s perspective leads to wisdom and conflict resolution. Lets stop believing a word of what we’re inundated with by mainstream media and start thinking for ourselves. Then stand up to those in power who threaten to drag us all down for their own ends. Campaign for change. Remember this. No matter how powerful the few appear to be. The many will always have the upper hand, so long as they’re willing to stand up and use it!