About John

An Intuitive, Mystic, Spiritual Life Coach, Tarot & Oracle Card Reader. 

John has a reputation for being extremely accurate and has been an intuitive reader since 2005. He has a great deal of experience with a variety of divination tools including tarot and oracle cards, runes, crystal pendulums and more.

John is an avid spiritual seeker and has been researching spiritual, metaphysical and a variety of related topics for much of his adult life.

He is a non-denominational truth seeker and an ordained member of the Universal Life Church. Always seeking to improve and develop professionally, John continues his personal and vocational study so as to continually offer more to his clients.

An Introduction

Hello, and thank you for visiting this website.

My name is John McVey. I’m a German-born Scotsman, currently living in the northeast of that bonny land, but originally from the west coast.

My Spirituality & Divination

I’d like to tell you a little about how I ended up doing this. For sure if anyone told me 20 years ago that I would be reading tarot cards in the future, I wouldn’t have believed them.

My perspective was that I needed science to tell me that something was real before I would believe it. I scoffed at such things as divination and mediumship, putting them down as superstitious nonsense. I was an objectivist, or that’s what I thought.

I read books mainly espousing business based objective ideologies and steered well clear of anything “mystical.”

Or at least I did, for a few years. It’s a strange feeling you get though when somehow you just know that there’s something “missing” from your world view, but you just can’t nail it down. There was a deeply hidden part of me crying to be heard, but being suppressed in the name of objectivism.

How strange that I didn’t acknowledge my own “mystical” nature when I always seemed to feel drawn to the bookstore or library just at the right time for my next book to “jump out” at me almost as soon as I found myself right there in front of where it’s sitting on the shelf. How strange I didn’t notice the lights change in my favour all the way there. How strange I didn’t notice those little synchronicities and how my reading choices slowly led me to a somewhat different world view than that of the staunch objectivist.

I’ve always believed that it’s important to look at all sides of an argument before making up my mind about what to believe. As such, my reading expanded beyond the strictly objective, as I began to delve into that mystical space I had previously avoided.

I grew up with little faith in the dogmatism and “hell and damnation” type rhetoric of contemporary religions, who I feel use fear of retribution as a means of power and control. My nose, therefore, led me towards the older faiths and religions and I quickly developed a strong affinity with paganism, particularly Wicca.

By this time, I was studying runic lore and how to read and interpret rune stones. In 2005, I bought my first deck of tarot cards.

The more I read, the more I practised. The more I practised, the more it worked. The more it worked, the more I believed.

So over many years, the sceptic turned into the believer and reading turned into practising.

I decided that it’s time to share my experience with others, by offering spiritual coaching and divinatory services and I started up as John’s Oracle in August 2017, mainly offering tarot & oracle card readings.

Many thanks and enjoy this, my little place on the internet.