Election craziness has taken hold and we don’t know who’s going to win, do we? This time there’s more at stake than usual, as our place in the World almost seems to hang in the balance due to the whole fiasco over Brexit.

If we stay in, Europe will be happy but millions of Brits won’t. If we leave, Europe will be unhappy, but so will millions of Brits, just not the same ones. Of course the converse is also true and millions of Brits will be happy no matter what happens, just not the same ones.

In the meantime, Trump sits in wait to see what will happen and how it might affect our trade prospects with the US. The Conservatives are accusing Labour of anti-Semitism and Labour are accusing the Conservatives of Islamophobia. Everyone is accusing the Conservatives of wanting to sell off the NHS to Trump. The Liberal Democrats are accusing everybody of everything and in Scotland, the SNP as I’ve said in a previous post are laughing all the way to a potential Scottish Independence referendum take 2 as a result of it all.

No matter who or what you’re rooting for, it seems we’re all up the creek without a paddle as not a single political entity in the UK are playing a clean game. Every one of them it seems down to the last politician are juggling conflicting agendas and it seems they can’t agree on anything.

The last General Election left the Conservatives relying on the DUP to get anything through parliament, so who will get in this time and will they have a workable majority? Just for fun, let’s see what says the tarot?

So, a card for Britain after the 12th December 2019. What will it be?

And here it is: The Moon!

What looks like two puppy hounds look up at the moon and howl. The Moon for her part I feel seems to look down somewhat disdainfully, as the hounds pay no attention to what is behind them. And look behind they should, as they could get their heels pinched.

Many are looking for people to blame, I feel like saying, be it politicians, activists or whoever. This has turned into a blame game where you’re on one side or the other. The two hounds are different colours which I feel represents the polarisation of two sides who can’t or won’t agree, even to disagree. In the meantime, they’ve lost site of the real threat represented in this card by the lobster.

All that it requires to deal with the lobster is to be aware of its presence. If the two hounds turned around and refocussed their attention, the lobster would slink back to where it came from. But the hounds are far too busy howling at the Moon.

The lobster represents that which we are distracted from seeing, when we most need to see it. It requires a pause for thought, a stepping back from this polarisation and mutual point scoring. The lobster represents the negative aspect or shadow, in this case of the political game playing out in the UK as this General Election fast approaches.

I feel like saying the lobster represents our vulnerability to the wrong kind of influences, which seek to divide rather than unite. The best possible outcome can be achieved if all who are, stop howling and take a look around, Identify and dispatch the proverbial lobster. We need to remember that it’s okay to disagree and still be friends.

I feel like saying we’ll be in a manageable position if we choose to come together, but it will be difficult for us all if we don’t try much harder to heal the divisions.

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