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We live in a world where we get constantly bombarded with perspectives, teachings, and points of view. What to believe? Who to listen to? And all that time your answers lie within, not without. Through tarot and intuitive coaching, I help people to find those answers within.

Here, I also will provide some of those alternative perspectives that are being censored elsewhere. Here, you are encouraged to fact check everything you read yourself, (Ignore the fact check websites. Check original sources for yourself), form your own informed opinions and make up your own mind.

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Royalist or Republican?

I’m not supportive of those who chose to use such a difficult time to troll their disparaging commentary on the Royals all over social media.

The Vodcast of Laird John

“Here, I will provide some of those alternative perspectives that are being censored elsewhere. Here, you are encouraged to check original sources for yourself, form your own informed opinions and make up your own mind.”

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Find the Inner You - Ebook

Discover Who You Really Are

This 58-Page E-book is packed full of all the help you need to discover yourself. Enhance your life and become the best version of You!

Manifestation Miracle

10 Steps to Attract the Life You Want

If I told you that you could create the exact type of circumstances you want, would you call me crazy? What if your very thoughts could create ripples of change that not only impact your life… …but those around you as well?

Stop panic attacks and general anxiety fast. - Panic Away

Stop Panic Attacks and Anxiety Fast

The beginning of your recovery starts here. What you will learn is that there is a very good chance you are about to end the cycle of panic attacks in your life.

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AMAZING DEAL! Original Rider Waite Tarot Cards Set – Full 78 Card Deck, Matching Velvet Reading Cloth & Velvet Tarot Bag Set

Original Rider Waite

The original and only authorised edition

Thoth Tarot Cards

Thoth Tarot Deck

by Aleister Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris

Light Seer's Tarot Cards

Light Seer’s Tarot

by Chris-Anne (Hay House)

Purple Velvet Cloth with Satin Lining

Tarot Reading Cloth Large

Deep Purple Velvet with Lilac Satin Lining

Large 100% Silk Reading Cloth

Large Silk Reading Cloth

100% handloom dupion silk in 4 colours

Hand-Carved Wooden Sheesham Tarot Card Box

Tarot Card Box

Hand-Carved Sheesham Wood

Kind Words from Happy Customers

John is extremely kind and helpful person his card readings are very accurate and done in a very caring empathetic way. I highly recommend John!

Tarot Reading - 30 minutes


Absolutely beautiful and much nicer than even the photos showed. Lovely seller - very kind and great communication. Would highly recommend John. Thank you so much xx

Purple Velvet Cloth with Satin Lining


Perceptive reading which resonates with me. It was delivered via email extremely quickly. Loved the picture of the card too, and I will definitely return. Thanks so much 😊

Tarot by Email - 1 Card 1 Question


Many thanks! Lovely cards, and very speedy turn-around time between ordering and arrival - much appreciated!

Tarot Lenarmand

Really detailed reading with lots of layers of information, and sent to me promptly. John has a thoughtful sensitive style that was very easy to listen to, and the messages and advice were spot on.

Tarot by Email - Tarot Reading 30 minutes


Really fast shipping! The cards are beautiful and are very good quality, thank you.

Rider Waite Tarot Cards

Thoroughly enjoyed my card reading from John. John is an extremely pleasant chap and made the reading fun. The information he got from the cards was spot on and validated a lot of questions I had. Well worth the money in my opinion and I have absolutely no doubt I'll be booking another reading with John in the future. Many thanks John. Cheers.

Tarot Reading - 60 minutes

Because of co-vid i expect things to take longer to arrive. john's tarot deck arrived on time and beautifully presented with every care given. The deck is beautiful and at a very reasonable price. I would certainly buy from him again.

Cosmic Tarot Cards

Best reading I’ve had on Etsy! Very accurate with lots to think about. Thanks 😊

Tarot by Email - Tarot Reading 15 minutes


I am absolutely happy with this deck! John answered swiftly and was super helpful when I contacted him with some questions, the deck arrived before than expected and in perfect condition (plus the whole package smelled good!). I would definitely recommend John's shop and products!

Rider Waite Tarot Cards

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